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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  May 26, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now, on abc 2 news, a major milestone in the battle to block undocumented students from getting in-state tuition. >> plus what you need to know before letting your child go swimming this weekend. the new recall about the possible danger that could be at the bottom of the pool. >> right "newhart" break and relief as searchers try to find missing people in tornado- ravaged areas. abc 2 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> now, abc 2 news at 11:00. the so-called dream act law in maryland could could be at risk of being overturned. >> right now opponents are collecting signatures hoping to put them out the matter before voters. some say it's all scare tackix particulars. >> they are trying to gather enough signatures on whether to repeal the dream act which would give in-state tuition to children of immigrants. tonight they say they have
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passed a big milestone dozens made sure to cross their. the's and dot their i's. >> illegal is illegal. that's just my feeling. >> i just feel very strongly about illegal immigrants getting almost a free ride. >> they have until tuesday to gather 18579 signatures. >> i really feel like we have hit the target and going beyond. >> reporter: and they'll need to because the state board of elections could rule some of the signatures are invalid. in addition some of the concerns about immigrants would give about 3,000 students an average discount of $6,000 each. >> that is $18 million a year for the first group. when the first group moves to the second year another group comes in, jumps to 36 million, very costly. >> reporter: supporters of the dream act disagree. they say without it many if not most of those students would not even go to college. >> fear tactic.
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they are trying to scare people into signing the petition. >> reporter: supporters hailed it as a victory for students who have worked hard and done nothing wrong. >> i had numerous students when we passed this legislation calling me "can i go to college now," you know. and a lot of them have been working minimum-wage jobs, paying taxes, hoping that they could. >> reporter: but opponents say if the children of illegal immigrants want to attend college they should pay full tuition just like other international students. >> thousands of them largo to college. they are not entitled to a taxpayer benefit, and if they were then international students who are here legally would be entitled to a taxpayer benefit. >> reporter: if opponents of the dream act do meet that tuesday deadline they will need to push the total to more than 55,000 signatures by the end of next month. that would force the state-wide referendum on the issue, on november 2012, that would be put on hold until after that
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vote, meaning it would not help students this fall and of course, if the ref recollection dumb succeeds, the law would be overturned. christian schaefer, abc 2 news. >> thanks chris. now to the immigration debate on the national stage, today there is a victory for supporters of immigration reform. they upheld an arizona law that penalizes businesses that hire them illegally. it is the first of search laws. the arizona lou allows the state to suspend the licenses of businesses that intentionally or knowingly hire illegal immigrants. you're watching maryland's most powerful radar tonight. most of the action has been well west of baltimore. part of the state has been rocked by storms tonight. including much of pennsylvania. parts of the state to our north under a tornado watch earlier, we did have one tornado warning in western maryland earlier tonight. right now showers and storms flaring up mainly down into
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virginia, coastal flood advisories for the western shore, the big story has been the mid-90s, tomorrow we're going back close to 90 in the afternoon, be aware of that and your memorial day weekend forecast coming up. in oklahoma and missouri, tornado victims are still struggling to pick up the pieces but putting lives back together isn't easy when so many people remain missing. a list of more than 200 miss will people came out today. it has helped some get connected with family members who were staying with friends, hotels, even the shelters. but not all the reunions end that way. last night we told you about a family's desperate search for their 3-year-old ryan. his 15-month-old brother was killed in the storms and the family held out hope they would find ryan alive. but, today, they got the heartbreaking news. >> it's a bad deal, i lost both my boys. i was hoping we would find ryan
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today alive. but ryan was my little buddy. he was too. i lost 'em both. i just want to thank everybody again for helping, all they have done. >> hammel's wife suffered broken bones, bruises, cuts, she is expected to recover. she is pregnant. the baby is okay. family members said their 5- year-old daughter is also recovering. the children and their mom were huddled in the bath tub when tornado hit. amid the heart break come stories of hope and survival. mason the this terrier mix was hiding in the garage when they blew him away. his owners searched and couldn't find him until they came home one day to s.i.s.t. through debris and found mason sitting on the front porch. the dog crawled home on two broken legs. a veterinarian surgeon operated on mason for free and says the little guy is doing just fine. all he wants to do is play and learn to get around with two
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splints. we're watching these twisters on our web site right now at that is what we call the tornado alley sense. you can't day your eyes off the screen, there's so much information. a slight risk today but more storms tomorrow. i want to day you over here to this join the chase. you can get information on how to help the victims but also, this is what they call the live tornado chase ride along. you find an icon right here, with the car, let's go to missouri right now, streaming live video, they have got 28 or not much to seawright there. but again, they are just, have cars out in the areas, now the car is moving. but you can stay with it, chat with the people that are actually driving in the car to find out what kind of conditions they are finding, their search and rescue and all that. get on to live tornado chase, it's a ride along fascinating look. we're the only tv station that has it. waiting for you right now at thanks jamey. a baltimore police officer was rushed to shock trauma after
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inhailing smoke at a fire in the mt. vernon area. there were initiate reports that two officers suffered smoke inhalation but tonight we're waiting on word back from police on how they are doing. also, tonight, 56-year-old tony chestnut is behind bars facing charges he sexually abused a developmentally disabled man. he worked as a caregiver for a group home with the associated catholic charities. when they entered the home they found a video of chestnut abusing the man as well as a collection of pornography. >> the family of chad hunter who was killed while protecting howard county has established a scholarship fund. it will help his 6 children which range in ages from 4 to 19. donations can be made to the 100 children's scholarship fund. tomorrow his funeral will be at 11:00 a.m. burrell will then be at delaney
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memorial gardens. the governor has ordered state flags to be flown at half-staff until sunset tomorrow. a beauty supply store was hit by the latest crime wave hitting the country. they stole human hair from her shop on tuesday. while trying to stop the suspect with a handful of hair they pushed her over. the teens were arrested shortly after trying to race away from the scene. the hair is worth $100, it's a robbery theft, and one is facing second degree assault charges. today is a gesture that proves we will never forget. you are looking at arlington national cemetery where more than 300,000 are buried. every year since 1948 the third u.s. infantry, the old guard, places small american flags in front of each headstone before memorial weekend. it is known as "flags in." hair ford high school is going to honor two graduates, lance corporal josh snyder, as you look at them, they both
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lost their lives in the war in 2005. the school will day the time to honor and remember them. they lost them, schneider, in 2005. flags will be handed out, the choir will sing patriot particular songs and the american legion honor guard will raise the colors. "good morning maryland" will be live at the school tomorrow morning starting at 6:00. it's a growing problem at abc 2 news, that brian kuebler brought to light. the epidemic of homeless children. tomorrow we'll be sharing more details of his investigation with wpir. the national public radio station here in baltimore. schools must apparently provide services to homeless children even if they are staying out of the district. you can learn more about the tradition at our web site, go to we'll make sure your kids are safe across the pool. they plan to open up. the consumer product safety commission has announced a
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major recall for pool and spa covers. if they are not made properly a child could get stuck and potentially drown. they say check with your neighborhood pools, they have been recalled, we've got a link to it right now. look inside the story and you'll find more information. all right. water man, you're gonna be able to catch more female crabs this fall. the dnr announced the changes saying it's not going to impact the population which is coming around nicely after a sharp decline. the female catch limit between december 1st and november 10th will increase 2 bushels to 12 for those with limited crab catcher licenses. good news. you want your children to learn a variety of lessons in school. >> but one mother says her son's teacher went too far and turned him into a janitor. the reason she made him clean the bathroom with harsh chemicals. this is the time to buy if
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you're in the market for a new car. why waiting a couple weeks could make a difference. >> the same-sex couples got a run for their money. now there is a move to approve marriages of couples of 4 or more. you got to stay around, we'll be right back in just a minute.
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casey anthony's ex- boyfriend took the stand as they work to lay out their case to she killed her 3-year-old daughter. she was carefree the time she was missing. she died from three pieces of duct tape being placed over her mouth and nose. anthony's attorney says the little girl accidentally drown in her grandparents' pool. the sexual abuse allegations against a well known atlanta megachurch pastor will not go before a jury. four young church members charged eddie long in to coercing them into sexual
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relayses by promising cars, cash and trips. the deal between long and the young men are not being made public. you learn algebra, shakespeare, about the berlin wall. at this connecticut school you learn how to clean toilets. >> she told me son, you go to school to clean toilets, you come here to learn. >> jane russell was livid when she learned his 8th grade teacher made him clean toilets after he washed his hands in the bathroom. he has dry skin condition so the products made his skin crack and bleed. the art teacher said "eh, i've got a rule, if you go to the bathroom you have to clean it up" they placed her on paid leave and some parents believe this has been blown out of proportion. super fresh grocery stores are going to shut their doors for good this july. they have been working for sales but they found buyers for
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12 of those. most about sold to a joint recollection tour between mrs. green and soup israel markets. they say 1500 workers could get out of work. the devastating earthquake and you name in japan crippled car production leaving major dealers struggling to fill car shortages. now since the earthquake automaker. been operating at full speed. that means we could see a car shortage this summer. some dealers say they are already getting about 30% fewer cars than they normally do this time of year. many others are left guessing exactly what will be coming onto their lot. >> there is still a little bit of uncertainty as far as exactly when we're gonna get cars, what we're gonna get, what the numbers may be. there's really not a good forecast. where normally you could forecast what you were gonna get. >> now with fewer cars available prices arising, says over all car prices are up $350 since the earthquake. some recommend buy now if
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you're in the market for a new car, they say there's just too much uncertainty about what will happen with supply and prices over the next few months. now one of the big factors when looking at a new car is gas mileage. maybe you have been thinking about an electric car. general motors is pushing for its new chevy volt. nbc news john matarese took it for a test drive. here is his report so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: are you worried about high gas prices going even higher? well buyers of two brand new electric cars, nissan leave and the chevy volt don't have to worry any more. but are electric cars really worth considering for the average driver? i just put one to the test. at first glance it looks like the chevy malibu or cruise until you see this power cord plugged into the wall. this is gm's new electric car, the chevy volt. and car shoppers like the gin democrats wonder if it could be the answer to $4 gas. >> what do you think looking at
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a car plugged into the wall? >> ah, i like it, i like it a lot better than plugging it into the gas pumps. >> this car is running right now. >> dealership owner top gill took me for a spin. the first thing he explained it is no golf cart. >> i want you to feel the power of the car. because it's really quite impressive. >> it 6. >> reporter: it can compete with any car at the stop light or freeway. >> we're not burning a drop of fuel right now. >> reporter: you need an electrical outlet and plug that in right into your car. fully charged it runs on battery for 40 miles at which point a gas engine will kick in. jason vaughn says for computing you could go weeks without using any gas. for longer trips, when the gas motor comes on, he says it still gets incredible mileage. >> 75-mile trip you would end up getting 95 miles per gallon because it wouldn't use hardly any gasoline until the last
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part of your trip. >> what about cost? gm says a full charge, giving you about 40 miles, will cost about $1.50. that makes the vote much cheaper to run than a gas- powered car. unfortunately the price is is a bit steep. $41,000, though uncle sam's tax credit brings the vote down to 33,000. gm, though, is betting this technology is the future with more electric cars at lower prices. so if you can't afford it now just wait a bit. there is always don't waste your money. baltimore becoming more electric car friendly. the department of general service says it is getting ready to install 9 electric vehicle charging stations throughout baltimore. and the ford motor company recently listed the charmed city as one of the most electric vehicle ready cities in the country. >> i always tell people that i
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have two husbands and a wife, we call ours as quad. >> oh boy. here is is a hot topic for you tonight. with the push for a new legal definition of marriage there's one group of people that's coming out from the shadows and they call themselves poly am rouse. this quad in michigan shares everything. finances, chores, decision- making, even child rearing. now 20 months newlyweds try to balance their affections. >> what happens as far as the sleeping arrangements is that claire and emily switch beds every night. but there is also a night when claire and emily sleep together because they need that bond as well. >> i don't see any negatives yet? do you? this group and other poly am rouse groups are speaking out because they want the government out of their love lives. many saying love should not have boundaries. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate.
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we all need our time together, what can you say. what are you doing? come on man. we've got some serious weather out here. we're going to do it. day a look at this man, we've got a couple of real big storms down in virginia right now. back in maryland still quiet as it has been all evening, big storms still firing up here, allegheny county, this is where the action has been all day. western maryland. but you do see that right now that you do see that most of those storms continuing to push in. really more of a southwest to northeast pattern, almost south and north, that's what's keeping it just to our west. there are big storms out here, i-70, late travelers trying to get a head start out to the cabin and deep creek lake. big storms here. massive amounts of lightning out toward hancock. we'll look for scattered big storms like this perhaps into baltimore tomorrow. we'll keep an eye on that,
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clear around here for the moment. >> downtown, no big deal right now, 76 right now, eh, compare the temperatures that we have been seeing to what the normal would be? normal is 77. today we're up in the low 90s, the old record was 94 from, i don't know, 1914. that's before jamey's time even. and so, yeah, i mean old, old records being threatened today with these widespread 90s out here. mid-70s tonight, ocean city still at 80, and to the west we are seeing a bit of a cool-off out that way. let's get into it here. right now temperatures around 80, humidity high, that's gonna help fuel the atmosphere a little bit tomorrow as things heat up in the atmosphere, i think this boundary will be closer to frederick, maybe even closer into baltimore by midday tomorrow. that's gonna allow for scattered showers and storms to flare up. a couple could be strong to severe. then as we work into friday night and early saturday, the whole ball of wax should begin to push out to sea.
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even if we're on the back edge it should be a hit or miss shower. but we're on the front edge for 24 to 36 hours. the most unsettled weather we expect in this holiday weekend is going to come that midday friday right through about midday saturday time frame. won't be an all-day soaker but there will be scattered showers and storms popping up tomorrow evening, possibly lasting into tomorrow night. then into saturday, still looking a little unsettled with that boundary hanging out. again i still call for a hostly dry weekend forecast, especially sunday and monday, and especially down the ocean. we're talking like 80 or so down there, so that ocean breeze is gonna help. water temp. up close to 70. already had at ocean city, unusual to see that this early in the year. usually that sea breeze is chilly memorial day. 72 tonight, tomorrow around 90 or so. clouds will increase, should hold temps down a few degrees from today's highs. tomorrow night some scattered
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storms on and off. let's see if we can find any fours in the seven-day forecast here. i don't know, is there a 94 in there? jamey, i don't think there is any. >> where they at. >> there is a couple threes but we do look for, again, a very hot outlook. hot. mid-80s on saturday. >> a lot of that goin' on. >> yeah. yeah. >> is there like a biamorous club. more on this trial of accused murderer casey anthony. >> we're in las vegas tonight with that and other headlines. phil? >> reporter: jamey, kelly coming up on "nightline," shocking testimony as her ex- boyfriend and father day the stand. plus, inside area 51 there are stunning new claims about the mysterious patch of desert outside of vegas, we'll tell you what we found, we went looking for the truth. that's coming up on "nightline" right after abc 2, news at 11:00.
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and 2 works for you, keeping your family safe by exposing the dangers of a recall risk. >> this mess is a result of a recall that wasn't fixed. protecting your kids from legal drugs with lethal consequences. >> you're playing russian roulette with your body. >> hundreds on the brink of break down. >> we showed you how to find them and told you what to do before your next ride. saving you money or even saving your life. don't miss how abc 2 works for you.
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ah, the orioles are playing well now. vlad guerrero's walk-off single gave the orioles a 6-5 win. their fifth in a row. they are under 5. nolan ryan bolt was the star of the day. orioles around oakland tomorrow night. matt stover retired today, his name and number will go up in the ring of honor, but tomorrow the all-time greatest kicker for the ravens will be a guest on "good morning maryland." we'll talk about his work in the community and what he is gonna do now. >> keep him around, he is is a good one. >> he is a great one, yup.
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>> the leading scorer the year we remember most. you know what i mean. >> that's it man. there's some action out here on maryland's most powerful radar, well west of us. well west of us. i think that will begin to change tomorrow though. just be ready for scattered showers and storms tomorrow. hot day, hot and sticky, '09, a very summer like memorial day weekend on the way as well. so, you know -- good timing. >> if you're not planning to hit the road this holiday weekend please be careful. a new study by gmag insurance shows 1 in 5 americans would fail a driving test if they had to take one tomorrow. 85% couldn't identify the right response when you come across a yellow light and the worst offenders, younger people, women and drivers in the northeast. the highest scores, people in the midwest. states like ohio. >> really? >> yeah. >> they are the best. >> we'll be right back. >> they are the best.
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